Virgin Voyages - the kid free cruising experience

I am a certified First Mate with Virgin Voyages and essentially obsessed with this brand.

What does this mean? It means I am the expert in all things booking, planning, and sailing with Virgin Voyages.


Virgin Voyages figured out what people don't like about cruising, and created the opposite.

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Over $600 in Value is Always Included

Once you’re on board with Virgin Voyages, you’re all set for an exclusively adult experience that always
gives extra. Every sailing includes over $600 in value. That means dining at 20+ eateries, essential
drinks, WiFi, all tips, and unlimited group fitness classes. It’s all of the incredible experiences, without
the neverending extra fees and fine print.

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Two Ways to Book

On Your Own

This is best served for travelers who

  • Know the exact cruise they want.

  • Feel confident in reaching out to Virgin Voyages should they have any issues or questions with their booking before, during, or after their cruise

Book your own Virgin Voyage cruise through the link below and gain access to the exclusive perks Travels by Niki has to offer clients.

By selecting to book through the link you understand that Travels by Niki is not responsible for the booking or the outcome. Travels by Niki does earn a small commission from this affiliate link but it does not affect your overall pricing.

Together with Travels by Niki

This is best served for travelers who

  • Want a full service experience (ex. flights, pre/post hotel stays, cruise itinerary recommendations, reminders of protocols, upcoming payments, and all of the details in between)

  • Desire insider tips and advice from someone who has sailed with Virgin Voyages before

  • Want the ability to simply show up with their bags packed knowing that Travels by Niki has handled all of the details

Complete the vacation inquiry form, specified for Virgin Voyage cruises and we will be in touch soon to select the best options for you travel style.