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Niki with Uluru in the background


To alleviate the stress and guesswork from travel planning so your dream destinations turn into realistic vacations.


I used to say I would never travel out of the country because the idea of the unknown scared me. Well here I am 15+ countries traveled later and I can honestly say I prefer international travel over domestic. So what changed?

I researched the heck out of my destinations so that I essentially knew them like the back of my hand before even arriving. I worked through "what if" scenarios and came up with plans A, B, And C. (The joke in my family is that I prefer the research and organizing of a trip over the trip itself, haha! )

With every trip I gain a better understanding of the world around me. I am given a time to pause, reflect, and think, "wow, there is so much more to life than [insert current annoying issue]" 

I've also found that the relationship I have with those I travel with grows stronger with every trip. Core memories are created and experiences are shared that bond us more than what a standard night out on the town ever could. 

It's my job to plan an epic vacation for you , but it is my hope to share with you how consistent vacations can add more value to your life than any materialistic gift ever will.

Woman overlooking blue ocean from cliff

"I Have Your Back No Matter What,

No Matter How Stupid It Gets"

Jess, New Girl

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