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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the earliest we can start planning?
    Flights are generally only available 11 months in advance and some hotels/resorts only show availability 12 months in advance. There are always exceptions to these rules though (i.e. Sandals Resorts) , so, I like to say you are never too early to start to plan. It's best to contact me the moment you know you want to go somewhere so that I can add your vacation destination to my radar so that we are ready the moment prices become available.
  • What is the latest we can start planning?
    To offer you the best experience possible, 60 days prior to your desired departure date is my minimum length of time to plan your vacation. There are exceptions to this rule but even at 60 days your expectations will need to be managed as prices tend to be higher and availability decreases the closer we get to your departure day. So if you are trying to plan for a popular destination during a high travel time (i.e. Caribbean during spring break, Europe during the summer, or Anywhere during the week after Christmas) you will want to be planning 6 months to a year in advance.
  • Can I use my points to book the flights or hotel?
    As a travel agent, I am unable to book your flight or hotel with points. However, you can still EARN points. If you want to book your flights, I can still help with the hotel and any extras you may need or want. In short - let's chat and we can figure out the best solution.
  • Can you book Airbnb or other rental houses?
    I choose not to book rental properties for the simple reason of them being unreliable. There are too many instances where the host cancels last minute or the pictures do not match the real-life version. Instead, I work with hotel brands that I can trust. Those that I or my team have visited firsthand and have made connections with the staff so that I can better ensure your experience will be as smooth as possible.
  • Do we need a minimum total trip spend to plan with you?
    For most destinations your price point will be determined by the flight cost and time of year you plan to travel. We will talk about this during your Dream Vacation Call. Before deciding on your price point, a great place to start is Google Flights. This will give you a baseline for the minimum it will take to simply get you there. The only location that I have started to set a minimum trip investment for is Europe. The standard Europe traveler isn't stationary and is bouncing between cities or countries (as I highly recommend) and this means your itinerary consists of many moving parts. In order to have the most successful and smoothest trip possible I've paired with some incredible travel partners that are based in Europe. This means that from the moment you land in your first destination until the moment you depart you will be taken care of with door-to-door service, from people who actually live there and can assist in real-time. For this personalized service, you should plan to invest ~$400 per person per day based on double occupancy, and closer to ~$500 if you plan to travel during peak season; this does not include the cost of your flights to/from the US. Italy during peak season (May-September) averages closer to $700 per person per day.
  • As your client, how can I contact you?
    Throughout the planning process and leading up to your vacation, all communication will be through email or scheduled zoom audio calls (or video if you prefer ;) ). This allows me to keep my phone line free for my clients who are actively traveling and to easily keep all of your travel documents organized. All emails are responded to within 1 business day unless I am traveling in which case you will receive an automated response. Once traveling you will have my personal cell number to call or text 24/7 for emergencies if needed throughout your trip.
  • How long until I receive my first quote?
    Turnaround times for proposals will vary based on complexity, time of year in which the request was received and time of year the travel is expected to take place. With the exception of multi-destination Europe quotes, most proposal requests can be prepared within 1-3 business days. I will always communicate with you if a proposal takes longer than initially expected.
  • Why should I plan with you?
    At the end of the day your time is valuable and I offer you the ability to save your time. I am a real person on the other end of your phone calls and emails, not a robot chat box. You will have my personal phone number, not a 1-800 number. I've been there, done that, or I know someone or will find someone who has. I have an extensive network of travel professionals that I work with who have a plethora of knowledge, so when you sign on to work with me, you are getting all of them as well. This is my full-time job. This is what I do. This is what I excel at.

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